2010 m. gruodžio 19 d., sekmadienis

Heartbeat. Miu Miu. this time true, no strengh for imagination.

For 48 hours of pretending studying manage to write quite good paper on IMF. Yes now you are wondering what it is or just putting into Google.

I want make a stop and speak with you while you sleeping. On my time i will wake up in few hours on yours you will have one more in bed, for the first time (or every night when i am 3000km away) i am waking up first.

I want to speak, i want that you see what i saw now from window. It's my country flag, yes i can see it waving and waving to me in the wind. But i have a question, which i will ask tomorrow and now i'm afraid of your words: "i think after some time i won't be able to separate my job and life." And i'm afraid that your job will do something for our relationship, you already thinking that i am too young, don't you?

2010 m. gruodžio 10 d., penktadienis

Non monsters tonight. Fashion costumes floating around the head. Prepare fromage!

The most beautiful thing about babies is how they fall asleep, it's not to watch them sleeping, but an actual process. First he tries to make you laugh trying to get attention, get some mimic from you, but you need to stay calm. Then he starts touching you hair, yawning, trying not to close the eyes and keep them wide open, but step by step eyes are close, he is not moving anymore, he does not need a bottle anymore and you slowly put him into crib.

The best thing in relationship is to let some person in your sleep. To feel safe, peaceful, nothing can harm you, no fears and you start dreaming in the first minute. If you can let person in your silence, you can share chaos too.

"It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be entirely uneducated."

Henrik Schwarz & Kuniyuki - Once Again (Kuniyuki Version)

"Given a choice between two theories, take the one which is funnier."

This is how "day" begins. :Flowers And Sea Creatures - At Night

Stereociti - Tsukayga

Not making a chart making heart bouncing.

2010 m. gruodžio 5 d., sekmadienis

Bright things, Want to squeeze peach. Born with headband.

When you are dreaming to read all books, besides those you are reading now, the little poem can stuck in your head:

"Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot..."

Or you can think a saying, quote yourself in perfect place for clear mind- bathroom:
" We are no differ, no different cultures, everyone has their own cultures. Because you are not living like those million of people in same area. The government differs."

You done your first Souffle au fromage. and strange thing didn't listen for ipod in the street, start listening to the street, but you do that in places that brakes your heart. Maybe this place breaking the heart?

when hairy person comes into your life can you still feel that cozy cold?

Stupid one listen to clever people who says: why you are searching for bad even everything is perfect? But your answer is: |_______________|

2010 m. spalio 16 d., šeštadienis

Micmac. Catch attitude. Melodie for silence. The best sound it is.

Grapefruit-something special with smell and feeling on slips of the tongue.
Spinning world will give me some thoughts, some troubles.

Choose life, choose job, choose.. How to choose? Is it good for use?

2010 m. rugsėjo 25 d., šeštadienis

Lion and the ladies.Snowflakes in power.Say Hello- make yellow.

Trying so hard to get that feeling of song, that feeling that was years ago when first heard words: " Come and catch the feeling". It is here.

This kind of night was months ago. Made spicy, put headphones, it's 3 in the morning and the symbol is taking over the land.

Laces, roses, ribbons- the fashion is what just left, started not to understand the abstract. But the morning thought " I dream my dream job to be a dreamer."

Still getting feelings from memory and putting in boxes, shelves, draws. Brain should be full of garbage, hope night dreams will recycle everything. Maybe it stays there to be useful someday. Like: "Do you know what color shirt that man, who passed you in train to wonderland, were holding in beige bag?"

Thinking about little book with giant thoughts: " Have that ever crossed your mind/happened?".

What is going to happen tomorrow? When everyone is sleeping and i'm creating qoutations.Like taking hand and saying :"go there and there, take this and that, feel like that" But what does that when i'm asleep?

2010 m. rugpjūčio 17 d., antradienis

Story004#.Lost his morning inspiration.The last. Telling stories online.White.

What's the point of this? 1.you 2.me 3. us? Matthew dear asks for more surgery while on the air HE collects vinyls, behind the screen she is late for one day and now trying to be right and have just spicy tea.
This was bad day? that means that tomorrow will bring lot of light it's always this paradox which i learnt and now getting bored of it, it's better not to know (not in all cases). In this luggage i want to know every item you put or take out, throw away or buy.

R: What are you doing when everything makes you angry and upset?
A: I have projects.

2010 m. liepos 27 d., antradienis

Strong fromage and important people. Sheets and armani red. little windows getting drunk with us.

You are sleeping and I'm drinking the worst thing you hate-milk, warm with canelle and honey. Listening for "going search our happy place".
Remember i wrote that i'm dead, but you killed and brought back.For beauty and love.
I believed that one bridge between is just lowest level like Oscar Wilde said, but non between different cultures can be highest level too.

Make a kiss and snake attack. Ask what? and answer nothing.

Never going to leave you, but i change in my mind it: love me forever.

For one year feeling was far away and grew stronger, now it sleeps near and even in the dreams speaks magical for such serious man.

I found one answer more to one more question: why i like planes and fly? Now i fly in your arms and plane takes me to you. To eat snails and strange things, ride on one bike, brush teeth together and kiss with toothpaste,make coffee for you, tell that you are handsome in suit, never let hand, talk about future and rastaman.

Halo, hey you.

Bonne nuit, Mon Amour. Make a big kiss.

2010 m. liepos 3 d., šeštadienis

I'm scared of my own breath. I'm afraid of life.

after 3 nights and 2 days i will be in your arms. Intuition that something will happen, or happened, maybe happening now?

2010 m. birželio 26 d., šeštadienis

Don't scare of the full moon, just ate french fries.

Always had one secret thought, wish, fantacy, dream about planes. They flew, you can not see them, just little light. Stare at it and that feeling, oh that feeling. Feeling from venus.

2010 m. birželio 4 d., penktadienis

Le. Incredible. Photos- no art. Enchanted charm.

"Love ain’t fair
So there you are
My love"

That night when you search for perfect mood movie (alone) and that night is friday if you are not out. When you can do anything, but are doing nothing.When you love somebody that strong that can put world undet their feet, but that night you just have your romance movie, tea cup, something to eat.

Mess in your room, mess of your heart, mess of your life.

Red just for fight. Huh? Like one dutch wrote in his letter. huh? are you an artist? Thank you, for killing me, instead of bringing back to life. But on the way half new years for now. Do Do Do.

"Sex is the best nothing"

2010 m. kovo 15 d., pirmadienis

Other planet. Cream with black candy or maybe grey scarf.

His religion: LOVE is my religion. His Love: music. I call Him-LOVE.
2 hours full of smile, peace, Silence, warm, harmony on Monday.
Sonar Kolektiv, Little Dragon, Chicago, Junior Boys, Berlin, DPN, Africa, Producers, John Daly and more million associations.
So formal, so serious, so silly, so intelectual, so spiritual, so adventurous, so something.

The best combination coffee+ His understanding of music, His collection, His opinion. Not saying stop the world, i want to get out. But saying stop the world, I want to listen His understanding of Silence.

Shhh, listen, He is ON THE AIR. That feels like Ally Mcbeal in her inner world seeing dancing baby, like John Cage being Barry White. I listen to Him, His voice, His sounds feeling like that, out of this world.

Anonymous Coffee Freak & Secretly Obsessed With Him

2010 m. vasario 4 d., ketvirtadienis

If only. Brandy.That glow is purple and it doesn't suits me.

Coffee drinking ritual like kissing, try to do it slowly and you will feel it too.
But i'm dead. No dancing, no drinking, no smiling or laughing can bring me back to life : "I hope you always find someone to take you home
To put you into bed, kiss your cheek, and check your pulse
Make sure you're still breathing with their hand up to your nose."

I decided to put ribbons everywhere, have bright colors. You ought to wear sunglasses, i have my pink, cause of all that snow which gives you cold. Wear gold, put clothes at the evening, to wake up at six, have lecture at 8 till 3p.m. but what's the point, i'm dead already.
Only wish- to sit at Elysian Fields and listen that beautiful language.

We can say anything, but can't say it loud.