2010 m. gruodžio 19 d., sekmadienis

Heartbeat. Miu Miu. this time true, no strengh for imagination.

For 48 hours of pretending studying manage to write quite good paper on IMF. Yes now you are wondering what it is or just putting into Google.

I want make a stop and speak with you while you sleeping. On my time i will wake up in few hours on yours you will have one more in bed, for the first time (or every night when i am 3000km away) i am waking up first.

I want to speak, i want that you see what i saw now from window. It's my country flag, yes i can see it waving and waving to me in the wind. But i have a question, which i will ask tomorrow and now i'm afraid of your words: "i think after some time i won't be able to separate my job and life." And i'm afraid that your job will do something for our relationship, you already thinking that i am too young, don't you?

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