2010 m. vasario 4 d., ketvirtadienis

If only. Brandy.That glow is purple and it doesn't suits me.

Coffee drinking ritual like kissing, try to do it slowly and you will feel it too.
But i'm dead. No dancing, no drinking, no smiling or laughing can bring me back to life : "I hope you always find someone to take you home
To put you into bed, kiss your cheek, and check your pulse
Make sure you're still breathing with their hand up to your nose."

I decided to put ribbons everywhere, have bright colors. You ought to wear sunglasses, i have my pink, cause of all that snow which gives you cold. Wear gold, put clothes at the evening, to wake up at six, have lecture at 8 till 3p.m. but what's the point, i'm dead already.
Only wish- to sit at Elysian Fields and listen that beautiful language.

We can say anything, but can't say it loud.