2010 m. liepos 27 d., antradienis

Strong fromage and important people. Sheets and armani red. little windows getting drunk with us.

You are sleeping and I'm drinking the worst thing you hate-milk, warm with canelle and honey. Listening for "going search our happy place".
Remember i wrote that i'm dead, but you killed and brought back.For beauty and love.
I believed that one bridge between is just lowest level like Oscar Wilde said, but non between different cultures can be highest level too.

Make a kiss and snake attack. Ask what? and answer nothing.

Never going to leave you, but i change in my mind it: love me forever.

For one year feeling was far away and grew stronger, now it sleeps near and even in the dreams speaks magical for such serious man.

I found one answer more to one more question: why i like planes and fly? Now i fly in your arms and plane takes me to you. To eat snails and strange things, ride on one bike, brush teeth together and kiss with toothpaste,make coffee for you, tell that you are handsome in suit, never let hand, talk about future and rastaman.

Halo, hey you.

Bonne nuit, Mon Amour. Make a big kiss.

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