2010 m. kovo 15 d., pirmadienis

Other planet. Cream with black candy or maybe grey scarf.

His religion: LOVE is my religion. His Love: music. I call Him-LOVE.
2 hours full of smile, peace, Silence, warm, harmony on Monday.
Sonar Kolektiv, Little Dragon, Chicago, Junior Boys, Berlin, DPN, Africa, Producers, John Daly and more million associations.
So formal, so serious, so silly, so intelectual, so spiritual, so adventurous, so something.

The best combination coffee+ His understanding of music, His collection, His opinion. Not saying stop the world, i want to get out. But saying stop the world, I want to listen His understanding of Silence.

Shhh, listen, He is ON THE AIR. That feels like Ally Mcbeal in her inner world seeing dancing baby, like John Cage being Barry White. I listen to Him, His voice, His sounds feeling like that, out of this world.

Anonymous Coffee Freak & Secretly Obsessed With Him

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