2009 m. spalio 4 d., sekmadienis

Black white photo.main league. Light. Sophisticated lady.My moon my Man.

My glasses on bed, eyes hurt, but still sitting here and writing. Tonight is soft writing night (just polished nails dark red wine) and put grandmothers ring near.Like always something bothering me so much that i decided to do clean closet to calm down. Maybe vannila oil candle is working or that wind outside or those 6 foreigners sitting at second table in cafe and talking about bloody mary, radioactivity.
For tonight i just can say: Big Bubble Bath. I remembered how you laughed in Big Bubble Bath.
I don't want to answer some questions for myself can you do it for me? :
What kind of tea do I want?
Why can't I just go to sleep or learn instead of just sitting and thinking about nothing?
Where is bracelet from Berlin?
While doing test to look which type of personnality suits me was one question i could not decide: about what events i'm more serious that ones that are happening now or will be in the future?
There was so much easier than i do not knew that sentence: i don't know.

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