2009 m. spalio 12 d., pirmadienis

Apples. Jams.Vinyls. White label. Max. Death by chocolate.

It rules the world. You know who (let’s call it alive creature). I can swear that she knows too. Always starts with coffee cup, you can’t find a start without that. Consist of all of us, in the air, we smell, blows up our heads. Blows us! Second it’s silk. Without silk it’s not worth a crown. Red, pink, essential, scream, cream, dream machine. I have shelves for days and draws too: 5 days to shine, 2 days to die. Do it your first time in public it will be emotion, cause when you start indoors projects it become feelings. Then I will be your own counting Amelia, I want big numbers. Have one huge walking emotion. I’m laughing so hard. We are trying not to write something erotic or pornographic, but a comedy, so grand comedy. You say: if I will invite you to come over? I say: maybe you can invite your gf to come over. You say : text me I say: you text me, after 20minutes you wrote: I don’t have your number and can swear that you don’t have mine. You listen Moby, finishing lasagna, deleting messages. I am doing manicure, knitting, watching Cupid.
It’s mind terrorism. Trying to do parapsychology to force to say facts: I want, I wish, I will do, I will go. It won’t work! Hear that sentence: won’t work!
It could work today to leave scar. No gossips. And who am I kidding.
I do not like your red sofa, i prefer blue bar.

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