2009 m. rugsėjo 27 d., sekmadienis

NO feeling good, Dear EBTG, Nina Simone.

Sinnerman, oh sinnerman. Everyone count days for how long they are together. I count days how long we are not together. Today is 197th day. 1 week that i didn't hear anything from you. I read article about a girl who is from Taiwan, came to Paris and is trying to kiss 100 men and take picture of that. (I hope i won't see you in one of them). I know that you became international just then when felt inlove with me. I drink cranberries. Remenbered word blackberries. Want to tell you that. Need to do economics and manicure. Rose color. "Woman who buy big pink things, have problems." Yes, i do. Too nervous today, forget how to talk, remembered how to shout. Let's watch FRIENDS to don't bite nails, cause jazz don't helps. Sugar needful, but promised to lose 4 pounds. Fridge search for fruits. Tommorow will start to try learn french. Oh my economics here, now, this minute and i am like always thinking about next day. Silence radio tonight.

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