2012 m. liepos 30 d., pirmadienis

Permanent. Ocean blue. Stick and stones. Puzzle for birthday.

I blame you " Pig who wanted to be eaten" to put me in this position to show the pink elephant in the room. The elephant looks like an orange bird when you press it become so huge that destroys everything around. And what about my unicorn in this position? Is he it? Or just the horse that starts the story and when you asked a girl: " How the horse looks like? " She says: " It is a unicorn". How you should react.

"Most conversations are simply monologues delivered in the presence of witnesses."

The little one wants to be called like that. Wants a candy now and the brown pot with a food left waiting in the kitchen. But Mrs. Drama can not get the little one that. It needs to take out freedom, to leave chaos. To give no mercy, just nightmares that little one can be caught on the corner.

Alone at 3 at night? Non. I have me. I understand me. I understand my wish. I understand my thoughts. I understand my body. My mind. My heart. My belly. My butterflies. My eyes. My flesh. Egoist-individualist.

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