2011 m. liepos 25 d., pirmadienis

Tomato color, Dinosaurs. Solitaire. Vogue.

Bought pink sunglasses, because sky became cloudy. 60-ies style- cats eyes.
Bought fall shoes, it is raining where i'm leaving.
Bought hadband, where nobody is interesting in my hair shape..

When you know that I've never been familiar with orders
When you know that my heart is in a pretty disorder
And you should know that in my heart you fill every corner

''Eating words has never given me indigestion.'' Have nowhere to put when, so still chewing, but more to say: i Have no words!

Still charming et mignon et content sowhere deep.

But today i'm burnt and have soldiers wall around me. In few days will grow long hair to go down from tower, but now i have no idea what is now.

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