2011 m. vasario 23 d., trečiadienis

no tuesday or wednesday.chocolate truffels. waiting for milk.

Who said that fashion is in the streets?

-23 makes me lazy and with one eye at 6a.m. looking at alarm clock, then looking and weather page and it's the second day i'm reading blogs, making fashion on my table.

The fashion shows, catwalk, backstage looks so thrilling, but when you are inside. At photos it's nothing. Looking one blog and in it i'm excited to see how unperfect girl will pose, how colors doesn't match but on her looks stunning, how accsecories are too much and how dazzling heels are. Not the poses that people are learnt to make, not how legs are pulled up in right centimeter system, not perfect make up which makes different faces.

Miu miu heels my wish.
But laces, ribbons, glitter, pearls, flowers, rocks, antique, buttons are on table and waiting to be made into something special.

n= 1+d
n- number of dresses woman wants
d- number of dresses woman really has.

" -He is already getting the milk.
- But he is not living with the cow."

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